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you shine
every corner of you
every single point
you are in HD, pretty

at least to me, you are pretty
this counts
counts like a feeling
a true one, pretty

not only walking
with any activity you do
I appreciate every move you do

it is not just an smile
charm or hair
it is about actions and words too
you are completely pretty

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in the eternal wait for you my love

I did something wrong
I miss someone
in the night, in the day

I love her so much
not so much in back
just problems and pain

I treat her good
not same in back
was I waiting so much?

I can't wait so much in back from people

I give all I can
it is not only about money
not so much back

I give many attetion
even to people I didn't see anymore
I was giving something I can't give so much now

I present my best friends
all tell me about take cake
I didn't listen many times

...I gave many, but never like I do..

I tried...
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the games exist
being young or adult
games take our attention

it is not just soccer or football
basketball or hockey
console games count too

playing them
or seeing them for tv
games are part of our lifes

team games are the best
you can count with your mates
with mistakes or great movements

trying different fields
or equipment
games are fun

2018 08 22

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dreams are good
in the night
for goals
all are good

stay alert
the dreams come true
not only after a long night
after a good effort too

dreams are just great
they come and remain
try some
fight for your dreams

realistic or positive
dreams are there for everyone
do a list, make steps
follow your dreams while you can do them

2018 07 28
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the love has come
it is just a point in the life
we can't ignore love
this part of life is amazing

waking up or near to sleep
we think about our partner
it is just a good time
passion around

in the couple days
the love is there
arising and giving good times
passion is inside us

there is not equal
it is love
and passion
together is the best

increasing love
feeling passion
it is just like touch the stars
like flying in the skies
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